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jadedxsmiles's Journal

My name is Leah. Duh! I love randomness. I love puppies!! Whoop. Yeah that's me.

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Some Random FactsMy Loves003

I can't do math to save my life
I love starbucks
I often see the movie before reading the book
I talk to myself alot
I love full throttle fury
I like to listen to sad music when i'm happy
I have a tenancy to obsess over things (*cough* glee *cough*) easily
I can talk faster than anyone on gilmore girls
I always burn cookies, even the store bought ones
I love trivia quizzes, even if i don't know any of the answers
I have a very eclectic taste in music
Fifteen is my favorite number
I collect trinket boxes
I love the smell of air conditioning
I named my space heater fredrico
I like to play with my eyelash curler
I really want to dye my hair black
I secretly dream of being on broadway
I kind of like to watch infomercials
I will sometimes watch a movie just because i like one of the actors in it
If i'm listening to a song on my ipod and it has dirty lyrics, i'll change it if someone asks me what i'm listening to
I sometimes secretly wish that people would ask me what i'm reading or listening to so i could tell them all about it
Sometimes i'll even go so far as listening to the same song several times so that i can tell them that that's the song i'm listening to because i just love it so much

television: glee, how i met your mother, criminal minds, bones, veronica mars, btvs, angel, charmed, dollhouse, weeds

movies: becoming jane, iron jawed angels, taking woodstock, (500) days of summer, suburban girl, fried green tomatoes

music: spring awakening soundtrack, wicked soundtrack, glee music, avril lavigne, rihanna, all american rejects, she & him, cady groves, passion pit

books: private series by kate brian, pretty little liars series by sara shepard, veronika Decides to Die by paulo coelho, can you keep a secret by sophie kinsella, the vanishing act of esme lennox by maggie o'farrel, you know where to find me by rachel cohn, the girl's guide to hunting and fishing by melissa bank

ships: st. berry (glee), finchel (glee), puckleberry (glee), buffy/angel (btv), spike/buffy (btvs), reed/josh (private), logan/veronica (veronica mars), booth/bones (bones), phoebe/cole (charmed), jude/tommy (instant star), sadie/kwest (instant star)

random loves: making posters from magazines, mary-kay chapstick, citronella candles, finding ya books at goodwill, salt and vinegar potato chips, grape soda, sharpie pens, singing, peace signs, scarves, uggs, apple cider from the cracker barrel

His eyes scan the room, every inch of the place burning into his retina, to never forget. The large corridor to his left is crowded, as always, men walking in and out of the main entrance to seek pleasure inside the warm walls. The greenish color of the walls sickens him, reminding him of nights in the med bay hoping the girls would be okay.

Small coffee brown booths take up the entire wall across from him. The cushions occupied by groups of men drinking and talking about the women they’ll have later on tonight. Others packed with women prancing around more men, making them hot, dancing for them in their small outfits.

The wall on the right is filled with a music box, currently playing old fashioned songs that Riddick despises. The large board besides it tells which girl is available and which ones are busy.

The bar right before him packed with the lonely men, seeking pleasure on their own. Riddick knows most of them keep this part of their life secret. Wives waiting at home with the new born babies, a hard day of work behind them and these sexy women offering them pleasures and relaxation. They know that as long as they pay, they can fulfill all their deepest fantasies here. That alone is the reason they’re here.

Sounds of glass against glass overpowering the hideous music, people toasting and people ordering new rounds of beers and other alcohol.
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